About Us

In 2002 VirtualRoof.com began hosting the desktop versions of the most widely used business applications. For 7 years prior to that, the company was a traditional computer consulting company. The entrepreneurs who founded the company back then were always searching for a better way for businesses to manage their IT needs. They knew that there had to be a more efficient and productive way to deliver technology to their customers’ employees, especially the employees who were geographically dispersed. Under the traditional method software was installed and maintained at each employee’s workstation. That meant multiplying the work and the potential risks times the number of employees. So, for a company that had 10 employees there were 10 places to install, 10 places to maintain, and 10 places of possible failure.

By establishing VirtualRoof.com and providing a hosted software platform that customers and their employees could access via the internet, the multiplier was eliminated. That’s because the software applications are installed in one central location instead of at each workstation. That means, no matter how many employees a company has, we only need to install and maintain their software in ONE location. With this huge gain in efficiency we are able to support and maintain this environment with minimal effort and pass those cost savings on to our customers. At the same time we are providing them with a level of information technology that they would have never otherwise been able to afford.

How many 10 person companies do you know that have a full time IT staff, or highly reliable full nightly backups with a 30 day archive that is kept off site? How many have fault tolerant systems, or a disaster recovery plan? How many have a security system that uses biometric scanners, or anti-virus systems that are so reliable and sophisticated that not a single computer has ever had a virus since the company has been in existence?

All VirtualRoof.com customers enjoy the benefits above, plus many more every day – no matter whether they have just 1 employee or a 100.

Mission Statement: We can sum up our mission statement in one word:

Implementation. Our mission is to make it easy for our hosted customers to use technology to implement their business plans.

We do this by providing 3 services…

  1. Hosting applications & data: This allows the business to focus on their core business and not waste time, money and human resources on technology infrastructure. Hosting eliminates the technology obstacle to implementation of your business plan.
  2. Training via webinars and online videos: This part of our service eliminates or greatly shortens the learning curve obstacle to implementation.
  3. Support & Consulting services: This service provides on-going assistance to those “hiccups” that we all experience when running our businesses.