• Includes Database Conversion for most databases
  • Includes Marketing/Sales Implementation services
  • Includes Productivity Strategies
  • Includes Assistance in measuring results

Implementation – to give practical effect to and ensure of actual fulfillment by concrete measures. (

Implementation seems to be the # 1 challenge of most small businesses.

In 25+ years of providing consulting services we have come to the conclusion that there is no shortage of entrepreneurial ideas, just a shortfall in the implementation of those ideas. The 2 most significant obstacles to implementation are time and technology.

We overcome those obstacles by hosting the technology tools and customizing them to implement your specific strategies for your business’ success (read more).

Hosting those tools overcomes both obstacles (time & technology), because you no longer have to take the time to install, configure, troubleshoot, maintain and support the software. Also, because of our vast experience with nearly every industry, we know what technology will work best for what you need accomplished.

We love to help our customers reach their goals by working with them to implement their strategies. It’s our passion. We are, at our core, a sales, marketing and productivity company.