how it works

Remote users log on from anywhere in the world using PC’s, Mac’s, Linux boxes or iPads. They input their user name and password at a web portal page. After passing authentication the user is shown a virtual desktop with all the shortcut icons for applications that we are hosting for them. The screen, which can be displayed full screen, will look, work and feel just like any desktop. The functionality is so seamless it’s impossible to tell your applications are being delivered by an offsite data center.


how-img2 is already the IT department for 100’s of companies and nearly 2000 users throughout the U.S. and abroad. As a result we’re able to invest in the technology and brain power that average businesses simply can’t afford. This includes high performance hardware and expert staff, advanced security systems, a user support and help desk and much more. It would be impossible for our clients to reap the same benefits if they had to build their own on-site systems.

Our advanced data center facility also lets manage and host all of your systems leaving you free of maintenance cost and responsibility. This means no upgrading hardware, no managing servers, no fixing workstations and no backing up data. All you need is a browser and you leave the rest to