Security/ System Requirements


Our data center facilities, where our advanced network resides, is where your applications will come from, and it’s where our clients’ data is safely and securely stored. has taken maximum care to insure the security and privacy of our hardware and our clients’ data. The reality of the situation is that our clients’ enjoy a level of security for greater than their previous alternative. For a detailed look at our security measures see the security document links below.


System Requirements

  • Internet Access via Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox
  • The following ports must be open: TCP 80, TCP 1494 and UDP 1604 all open
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad
  • No minimum RAM
  • No minimum CPU
  • No minimum disk space
  • Recommend 1Mbps or faster internet connection (even works with wireless 3G or 4G internet service)

That’s it. That’s all there is to it!