Background Information on and Virtual Classrooms – Feb 2, 2015

For over 10 years has been in the business of “cloud computing” by way of hosting popular software programs that most small businesses use, such as Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and Act!

Don Carr, president of, has been an Act! Certified Consultant for over 25 years, and was the first to host the Act! Software Program in the cloud, long before the term “cloud computing” came into use.

Louis Schiess, Training Director of, has trained over 1000 Financial Advisors and Small Business owners to use Act! for managing their time and organizing their Client Databases.

Mr. Schiess has a strong background in Time Management, having created the first executive planner in the United States which he introduced through his time management classes in 1975, even prior to the usage of Personal Computers.

Now, through our, “virtual classrooms”, we are offering Time Management Classes which can be implemented using any CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) or with Microsoft Outlook.  These classes are entitled:  “Implement The Most Valuable Business Lesson Ever Learned” and they are perfect for Real Estate Professionals and Small Businesses.

  • Most Training is Included with Hosting Service
  • Includes Online Videos
  • Partially Includes Private One on One Training
  • Includes Support for every application we host

The purpose of technology is efficiency. The key to fully utilizing technology is training.

Our mission is to help our customers better utilize technology by removing the frustration of running that software in house, and then by training them to use the technology specifically for their businesses.

Because learning styles are different, we deliver our training in 3 ways.

Weekly Webinars (included): Every month we have a new set of webinars designed to help our customers take ACT! to the next level. With titles like: Get More Done, 9 Vital Functions of ACT! and Implement a Killer Marketing Machine, you will be using ACT! in ways you never knew existed.

Online Videos (included): We have over 4 hours of training videos that cover every aspect of ACT!. Since they are online and on demand, our hosted customers can take advantage of the learning any time they want.

One on One (mostly included): This is more like consulting than training. You will work with one of our experienced pros discussing your business’ unique market, approach and strategies. Then that pro will show you how to utilize the technology tools to meet those needs.